Sorry, McDonald’s, economy, socializing means more young people are cooking at home

Eating in is the new eating out. But you knew that.

Since the recession hit and disposable income went the way of land lines, Americans have taken to entertaining at home with a passion.

You may not know that young people are at the vanguard of that movement. Of course, its cheaper a consideration when your paycheck is at the lowest of your adult life but its also convivial, fun, even.

Its something I do a lot with my friends, said Erin Jolley, 30, a nutrition and cooking teacher for the Federal program, Share Our Strength. We cook as a part of how we share time together.

The food isnt usually fancy slow-style stews, which have the advantage of cooking on their own while you and your friends share a beverage and appetizers, deconstructed tacos and the ever-popular pastas. No matter what, its always better than eating alone.

But some young people pride themselves on pulling out all the stops.

Ooh, said Jessica Jameson, 25, describing a typical dinner party she cooks for friends, I like to make orange -glazed brown sugar chicken and bake some asparagus. But my knock-out dish is grilled pork chops with apple chutney.

Others rely on the tried and true. Sydney Brega, 26, who works at the Mail Room, recently moved into her own apartment and is planning to throw herself a house-warming bash with a retro theme based on the fondue pot she picked up at the flea market.

Im totally into fondue. Its from the sixties, she said.

You gotta love that.

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