Durango newlyweds, home to be on HGTV

Two Durango newlyweds, their new home, an area real estate broker and the town itself will be featured on HGTV’s “House Hunters” program at the end of this year or in January. Filming for the segment took place this weekend.

Wells Group Real Estate Brokerage independent broker Chelsea Krueger represented the newlyweds, currently known only by their first names, Ryan and Krista.

The couple considered three in-town homes, whether to buy an older home and face the challenges that presents, or to invest in a newer home that’s less likely to need work done.

Krueger didn’t reveal the results, but did say that she felt lucky and proud to be part of the program that will showcase the Durango lifestyle. She added that she believes that “House Hunters” is HGTV’s most popular program.

Herald Staff

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