Beer sale to 18-year-old results in fine for store

Albertsons has agreed to pay a $314.57 fine to the Colorado Department of Revenue rather than stop sales of 3.2 beer for five days in November.

The supermarket at 311 W. College Drive sold a Bud Light to an 18-year-old purchaser from the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division on Aug. 14, according to its stipulated agreement with the Colorado Licensing Authority.

Under the terms, its license is to be suspended for a total 15 days with 10 days to be held in abeyance for a year as long as there are no more violations to the Colorado Liquor Code.

Its license was to be actively suspended between Nov. 24 and 28, but the state determined that a fine would “achieve the desired disciplinary purpose” and that public morals would not be impaired by allowing Albertsons to continue to sell beer.

The state also noted that the local Albertsons has not had its license suspended or revoked for at least the last two years.

The fine, which must be paid by certified check by Nov. 2, was calculated to be equivalent of 20 percent of Albertsons’ gross revenues from the sale of alcohol in August.

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