Lachelt knows more than Herald about politics

This letter is in support of Gwen Lachelt for county commissioner. We have not had a candidate in a long time with the kind of knowledge and political expertise as Gwen. She knows all about oil and gas production and has earned the respect of opponents as well as allies.

As a result of her work in oil and gas, she understands land-use policy, water law, pollution issues, geology, air quality and issues associated with tax revenue and royalties. She knows what good and fair regulation looks like, and she knows what the county should regulate in relation to the state and public lands.

She has worked with county residents for decades, but as a resident of Durango, she is also familiar with how the city interfaces with the county. Her children go to school in Durango. She is adept at running meetings, listening to residents, crafting policy and negotiating at the state level. We are very lucky to have her run. She clearly has a more nuanced understanding of local politics than either Kellie Hotter or The Durango Herald.

Go, Gwen!

Janine Fitzgerald


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