Lies being spread about Hotter, comp plan

I am so fed up with the lies and false accusations being printed about Kellie Hotter. The following are actual facts:

The final decision to deny the comprehensive plan was made by the Planning Commission, not the county commissioners.

The vote was 5-0 to deny the comp plan, from a commission made up of a hotel consultant (north valley), owner of a health-care service (south of Durango), political representative (Durango), banker (north valley) and a cattle rancher (Ignacio) – a very diverse group spread throughout the county, committed to what they felt was best for the residents of La Plata County. Not a single one belongs to the tea party. This comp plan was a very expensive utopian plan, with no provisions for funding the entitlement programs that were suggested in this plan. There were no provisions for water, sewer or roads in the plan.

La Plata County will increase in population by 20,000 people by 2030.

I guess that the planning department was unconcerned about 20,000 more water wells.

20,000 septic systems and no provision for roads.

Reportedly, 500 people out of 53,000 residents participated in the various meetings held throughout the county. Less than 1 percent of the people in this county and one-half were opposed. So don’t be blinded by a radical minority.

In the only unbiased poll held by the planning department on the comp plan, 72 percent opposed to the comp plan, 28 percent was in favor. This was after the Democratic Executive Committee sent out an email exhorting its people to “save the comp plan,” “write letters to the editor,” “call your commissioner to protest.”

The Planning Commission was and is made up of responsible and committed folks from around the community with no agenda other than to do what they feel is best for and make sound decisions for the residents of La Plata County. Kellie Hotter has been and is now our very best choice for county commissioner and deserves your vote. Lachelt would be a disaster for La Plata County.

Kent Fry


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