Man was rude to kids at trolley stop

After a day of school, my classmates and I packed up our things and quickly walked to the trolley stop at Spanish Trails. When we arrived, there was already a large number of other students waiting for the trolley. When the trolley was in sight, an older man jumped up and began yelling at a seventh-grade girl at the head of the line about how he was not going to let us stop him from getting on the trolley first. He then pushed her to the side, and began yelling profanities at another high school kid. He was trying to pick a fight. He then looked at me, and asked if I had anything to say to him. I, along with the other kids there, felt very uncomfortable being around this man. I ended up not getting on the trolley because I did not want to be anywhere close to him.

I did not appreciate the way the man talked to my classmates or the other kids. He was completely rude, and his actions against the seventh-grader were harassment. Some older people may see my generation as disrespectful young idiots who donít care about anyone but themselves. This man made that assumption too quickly. Yes, I agree that we should let him and the other older people there get on the trolley first, but he didnít wait and see if we would. I know that if it were up to me and a lot of other kids, he would get on first, and he would have a seat.

The trolley driver was also no help at all. He saw this happen and did not do anything. He just sat in his seat and didnít say anything. He should have stepped off the trolley and helped us with this person who was harassing children. I would like to think that adults would have more respect for children, but I would also like it if other adults would stand up for us when we are being disrespected.

Jonathan Smith


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