Make your own decisions and don’t judge

When religion and reproductive choices collide, we all think the same and differently about certain created laws, be they man-made or so-called God-made.

Unlike the laws of nature which are definite, clear and not at all judgmental, it is a given that an apple seed planted in the proper environment will bring forth an apple tree – if not, it won’t.

In reference to the issue of God’s law vs. man’s law, debate about which it is right or wrong to abort a human being depends upon one’s belief. With this idea in mind, I quote Mattie Jean, a one-time patient of mine in the 1980s. When asked what her thought was on the abortion issue, she said, “Honey, If you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one.”

To me, this says it all, not only about abortion, but about all of life’s decisions. When I mind my own thoughts without imposing judgment on others, I am at peace. I can share my opinion and reasonings without the pain of self condemnation or by judging others for their decisions.

I believe Jesus was quoted as saying, “Judge not, lest you be judged.” But, of course, quoting another opens a Pandora’s box for other interpretations and so-called quotes. So I lightly make this statement.

Yes, we kill. If, in fact, we are totally responsible for our actions, then it is a given that we create and destroy. Considering that abortion is killing and birthing is giving life, we do, in fact, birth and abort.

In matters of conscience, the law of majority has no place.

David Krest


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