City should show respect for free speech

Really? An overzealous city employee trespasses on private property and removes that person’s property? (“As election looms closer, city sees bad signs,” Herald, Oct. 26).

Free speech is a First Amendment right. Period.

While it may be “typical” for code enforcement officers to address “such violations,” this infraction should have been handled with a letter or a simple, kind reminder of city code. The heavy-handed tactics of a self-important government employee or government entity should not be tolerated by the citizenry.

This problem lies in one simple fact: Government exists solely to serve the people. Not the other way around.

Those interfacing with the public should be trained in how to engage the public in a professional manner. Bullying doesn’t work. Ever. It’s all in the delivery. This not-so-gentle gentlemen owes Melissa Aspeitia a sincere apology – code violation or not.

This code enforcement officer, i.e., official city representative, should be officially reprimanded.

Kraig Yaseen


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