Political venom unleashed on trick-or-treater

The trick is on the silly, immature man in Durango West II who slammed the door on my 11-year-old daughter as she trick-or-treated because you thought she was “campaigning.” She wore a cardboard binder that read “Romney’s Binder of Women” with another sign that read “I’m niether (sic) Republic nor Democrat, I just thought this was funny.”

She’s 11. She doesn’t even know what the candidates stand for. She heard her older brother talking and thought it was funny.

The man’s nasty, immature venting on a bunch of 10- and 11-year-olds says more about his character – or lack of it – than anything my sweet 11-year-old could do. The joke’s on him because now we know he finds it easy to pick on kids. I hope he’s proud of himself

Elizabeth Helvey


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