DPD was quick to solve malicious crime

Weve all heard the old saw, Theres never a cop around when ya need one, and Im here to say, Bunk. Our little town is blessed with a dedicated, professional police department, and it has been satisfying to see it in action from a personal viewpoint after the malicious and senseless assault on the venerable old Lodge Room at the Durango Lodge No. 507 of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.

The very randomness of this assault would have seemed to indicate an extremely difficult nut to crack, but Detective Trish Hutchens and her cohorts quickly sifted through the available evidence and were able to effect the arrest of a suspect in the crime very quickly.

Id like to personally thank Detective Hutchens, along with the Durango Police Department, for their hard work and their extraordinarily sensitive handling of this unfortunate occurrence.

Davitt M. Armstrong, chairman of the trustees, Lodge No. 507 B.P.O.E.


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