Governor seeks marijuana response

DENVER ľ Colorado officials asked again Wednesday for a federal response to the stateĺs recent marijuana legalization vote.

Gov. John Hickenlooper said in a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder that Colorado needs a response ôas soon as possibleö about how the Justice Department will respond to Coloradoĺs marijuana vote. State Attorney General John Suthers also signed the letter.

They reminded the department that while federal officials have maintained their right to enforce the Controlled Substances Act, the administration has turned a blind eye to many medical marijuana users and sellers.

ôWe need to know whether we can expect any different posture regarding marijuana grown and distributed for recreational use,ö Hickenlooper and Suthers wrote. ôSpecifically, we need to know whether the federal government will take legal action to block implementationö of the marijuana measure, ôor whether it will seek to prosecute grow and retail operations.ö

Voters in Colorado and Washington state voted last week to allow adults to possess small amounts of marijuana without a doctorĺs recommendation. So far, the Justice Department has said federal law stands, but that the measures are under review.

Hickenlooper and Colorado Attorney General John Suthers also talked to Holder by telephone last week, with no signal whether the Justice Department would sue to block the marijuana measure.

On Tuesday, Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire met with Deputy Attorney General James Cole in Washington, D.C. Gregoire reported that the federal government still hasnĺt decided whether to take action to block new laws legalizing marijuana.

In the Colorado letter, Hickenlooper and Suthers reminded the Justice Department of confusing signals about state employees who implement marijuana regulations.

U.S. attorneys in several states have cautioned that state employees implementing medical marijuana laws are subject to federal prosecution, but no charges have been brought. Colorado has an entire enforcement division within the state Department of Revenue overseeing the marijuana industry.

ôWe find no clear guidance on these issues,ö Hickenlooper and Suthers wrote.

A spokesman for Hickenlooper said there was no immediate response from the Justice Department.

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