Let’s start teaching U.S. voters the truth

Really, the truth is all that matters. It appears that half of our nationís voters do not believe in the truth. They believe that spending more than we make will save us financially, taking something from one person and giving it to another is charity, promoting differences between us will bring unity and we need government to manage our health. I could go on, but I think you get the message. These points of view are based on false principles ingrained into the minds of half of our nation.

The challenge for us is to convince them that they are wrong.

We need to teach those who donít want to learn by engaging them with kindness and compassion in an open, honest dialogue. We must suppress our frustration and direct our energy toward lovingly educating those who believe things that are not true, helping them understand we all are served better when we base our decisions on the truth. Many of us know the truth, but find it hard to explain it to others. We need to get better at describing the true realities of this world and hold the truth up high with clarity of thought Ė in contrast to the falsehoods Ė so the decisions of our nation will begin to move in a direction that will heal us.

Because of information overload, the truth has been buried in a sea of deception, and many lies are being spoken as truth, resulting in the propagation of ignorance. The only way to combat ignorance is by educating, transferring the knowledge of truth, one person at a time.

Let us face the truth: We are all in this boat together. If you look down in the boat, you will see the water is rising. Half of the voting public believes you let the water out by drilling holes in the bottom, the other half believes plugging the holes and bailing the water is the answer. Only the truth will save us, and only the truth will set us free. Letís get started communicating the truth.

Jeff Roster


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