Fugate no fugazi when it comes to Week 10 Green

For the first time in three weeks, someone other than a Hately won our Gridiron Green.

Debra Fugate, come on down!

Fugate, from Ignacio, who didn’t play the first two weeks, has a 1-for-16 under her belt, four single-digit weeks and an 8-percent ranking on the national scale, has found her stride midseason. She was 12-for-14 last week, and 12-for-14 this week to win our Week 10 Green.

She’s got work to do to catch our co-leaders, though – “tholeman” and “edonelan” lead our Green with matching 101s, and “tholeman” leads our Gridiron Gold with a 101 as well.

Randy Edge of Bloomington, Minn., had the edge on all of us in Week 10; he won the national Green with 13 of 14 right.

I went 10-4, including my upset pick of the Saints over the previously unbeaten Atlanta Falcons on Sunday in New Orleans, and my overall record is 83-62.

Like Fugate, I’m finding my midseason form.

Week 11

Byes: Minnesota, N.Y. Giants, Seattle, Tennessee.

Thursday, Nov. 15

Miami at Buffalo, 6:20 p.m. (NFL Network) – Miami got blown out by Tennessee; Buffalo hung tough with New England. Pick: Bills, 22-20. Line: Bills by 1˝.

Sunday, Nov. 18

Cleveland at Dallas, 11 a.m. (KCNC, KREZ) – Romo to Witten should be enough. Pick: Cowboys, 30-17. Line: Cowboys by 7˝.

N.Y. Jets at St. Louis, 11 a.m. – Tebow Time is alive and well in New York. Pick: Rams, 17-3. Line: Rams by 3.

Jacksonville at Houston, 11 a.m. – Fugheddaboutit. Pick: Texans, 37-13. Line: Texans by 16.

Cincinnati at Kansas City, 11 a.m. – It started with Denver; the Bengals are getting better. Pick: Bengals, 17-10. Line: Bengals by 3˝.

Philadelphia at Washington, 11 a.m. (KASA) – Vick is out. Foles is in. So, too, are the Redskins. Pick: Redskins, 31-16. Line: Redskins by 3˝.

Green Bay at Detroit, 11 a.m. – Keep your eyes on the scoreboard. Pick: Packers, 30-23. Line: Packers by 3.

Arizona at Atlanta, 11 a.m. – No upset here, just another Falcons’ victory. Pick: Falcons, 23-10. Line: Falcons by 10.

Tampa Bay at Carolina, 11 a.m. – Bucs are getting better by the week. Pick: Buccaneers, 27-20. Line: Buccaneers by 1.

New Orleans at Oakland, 2:05 p.m. – No letdown here, just another Saints’ victory. Pick: Saints, 33-23. Line: Saints by 4˝.

San Diego at Denver, 2:25 p.m. (KCNC, KREZ; KRSJ 100.5 FM) – Reeling at rolling. Pick: Broncos, 34-24. Line: Broncos by 7.

Indianapolis at New England, 2:25 p.m. – The Colts will need a lot of Luck at New England. Pick: Patriots, 28-24. Line: Patriots by 9˝.

Baltimore at Pittsburgh, 6:20 p.m. (KOBF, KUSA) – No Big Ben? No big W. Byron Leftwich steps in at QB, and the Ravens step up with a victory. Pick: Ravens, 21-20. Line: Ravens by 3.

Monday, Nov. 19

Chicago at San Francisco, 6:30 p.m. (ESPN) – Two good teams with a pair of concussed quarterbacks, and both are iffy. Jason Campbell vs. Colin Kaepernick? We’ll see. Pick: 49ers, 13-12. Line: Off.

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