Road Runner service may go back to normal

Paperwork question caused reduction in transit service for riders Thursday

After a short reduction in service Thursday, Road Runner Transit Service has resumed its regular schedule on the Ignacio-Aztec route.

The service was temporarily reduced Thursday after an officer of the New Mexico State Motor Transportation Police issued a ticket to a Road Runner driver because the service did not have a warrant from the New Mexico Public Regulatory Commission.

“This has been a Road Runner route since 2009, and there has been no issue or citation over the last three years of operations,” said Peter Tregillus, programs developer at Southern Ute Community Action Programs Inc., which operates the transit service. “We made contact with the New Mexico (Department of Transportation) and PRC in 2007 and 2008 when we were working to start the service and were told by the New Mexico PRC in no uncertain terms that because SUCAP is based in Colorado and has federal operating authority from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, that we were out of their jurisdiction, and they had nothing to do with us.”

In response to the ticket, Road Runner reduced the number of runs on the route Thursday and was planning a strange turnaround, where it would drop off passengers from Ignacio in Aztec, drive back across the state line to Bondad and return to Aztec to pick up passengers returning to Ignacio to comply with interstate versus intrastate regulations.

After conversations with the regulatory commission Thursday, SUCAP Executive Director Eileen Wasserbach was asked to send an email describing the situation to its office.

“The woman from the PRC told us their attorney is saying there’s nothing illegal about what you’re doing,” Tregillus said. “We’re going back to normal service, but we’ll confirm that (Friday).”

The route is particularly important to the Sky Ute Casino and Resort.

“We will continue to transport riders from Aztec to jobs in Ignacio,” Wasserbach said.

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