Imagine if officials served one six-year term

A friend and I were speaking about the general state of our country. We are not exactly on the same page as to the role of government, so neither left nor right plays into this scenario.

He voiced an opinion that makes a lot of sense. That opinion was that there should be a term limit of six years for every elected official, and, if elected, that person should not be allowed to run again for that office. Ever.

Imagine how much effort could be applied to taking care of the country’s business instead of starting in the middle of the current term to get re-elected for another term.

Imagine how it would affect decisions made by our representatives if they had to come back and live with those decisions as a regular citizen after a six-year term.

Imagine how responsive the representatives could be to the people who elected them if they were not being politically correct in order to keep their job in the next election.

Imagine how much savings there would be if the current method of cronyism no longer was viable and the candidates did not have to spend $3 billion on campaigns.

Imagine that negative ads would be reduced greatly because the format wouldn’t be attack the incumbent in order to get elected.

We need to do more than imagine. We need to start the grass-roots effort to get this in place because we know who won’t do it.

David Hardy


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