Put party affiliation aside and work together

I know that if the rest of the nation is like me, they are happy the election is over. What I wish is that the rest of this great nation, which I proudly fought for in Vietnam, would accept the will of their fellow citizens and unite as one country.

My opinion is that on the first day after the election is certified, all the Rs and Ds following our representatives names, would be replaced with an A for American, and quit working to defeat the other guy. What they need to do is work together to strengthen our nation and our economy.

As an American soldier, I would have risked my life to defend my commander in chief, no matter if I voted for him or not, or agreed with all of his decisions, and I still feel that way. This is the only way we will ever return to being the most powerful country in the world. I would still take a bullet for my president, no matter what party he belongs to.

Ray Jaramillo


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