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Arizona elections chief seeks overhaul

PHOENIX – Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett is proposing a wholesale overhaul of the state’s vote-counting system in the wake of embarrassing delays counting more than 630,000 ballots statewide from the Nov. 6 general election.

The delays kept voters from knowing the outcome of two of the state’s three major congressional races until at least a week after the polls closed.

Bennett said he hopes to completely revamp the way early ballots dropped off at polling places are counted; cut the number of provisional ballots issued by 90 percent; and ensure the vast majority of votes have been counted within hours of poll closings.

2 duck hunters found dead in Great Salt Lake

MAGNA, Utah – Two 25-year-old duck hunters are dead after their boat capsized on the Great Salt Lake.

Logan Hardman of West Jordan and Chad Tohinaka of Salt Lake City died Saturday night, while a 24-year-old man managed to swim safely to shore.

Unified Police Department Lt. Justin Hoyal said the three began hunting early Saturday afternoon, and their boat overturned a few hours later after the weather suddenly turned bad. He said the third man swam to shore for help. The bodies of the other two were found floating in the lake late Saturday night.

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