Paleo-approved grains

Like grains and still want to eat like a caveman?

One local nutritionist says you can have your rice and eat it too.

The paleo diet prohibits followers from consuming any grains, among other things. That’s because they’re hard to digest, not to because there’s anything nutritionally wrong with them, says Tiffany Stombaugh, a health coach at Natural Grocers.

“Human civilization was based on the consumption of grains,” she said. “They prepared grains in a process that took a long time.”

Stombaugh follows the paleo diet but includes grains as well. To take out harmful phytates, she first soaks, sprouts and ferments grains before she cooks them.

Her recipe: Put the grains in a bowl – brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, whatever – cover with warm water, a little salt and a dash of vinegar and let rest for 12-24 hours. When it bubbles, it’s ready. Drain, rinse and cook.

Voila, healthy grains for the paleo diet.

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