Try this no-bake caramel apple pie

Matthew Mead/Associated Press

Caramel Apple Pie.

Associated Press

For this Thanksgiving pie, we decided to see what would happen if we transformed that classic treat of autumn the caramel apple into a pie. The result was a crazy good no-bake apple pie.

Its also totally versatile. We opted to top our pie with a blend of crumbled shortbread cookies, chopped toasted peanuts and mini chocolate chips. But feel free to cater to your crowd and top the pie with whatever you prefer to coat your caramel apples with. Just aim for about a total of about 1 cup of toppings.

This pie should be assembled just before serving. The apples can be cooked ahead of time. Then when you are ready for dessert, it will take just 15 minutes to finish the recipe and get it to the table.

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