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Dylan Redwine did not run away, police say

STEVE LEWIS/Durango Herald

Vallecito Church members Connie Allen, left, and Jennifer Finklea offer support Wednesday for Dylan Redwine in front of their church on Vallecito Lake near where Dylan went missing Nov. 19. “We continue to pray for him – for his safe return,” Allen said.

By Dale Rodebaugh , Emery Cowan and Jordyn Dahl Herald staff writers

The law-enforcement task force canvassing the Vallecito community for clues to the disappearance of 13-year-old Dylan Redwine has discarded the possibility that he ran away Nov. 19 from his father’s home north of the reservoir, La Plata County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Dan Bender said Wednesday.

“There’s a combination of factors,” Bender said. “There’s been the passage of time without any sightings; Dylan was not a visitor but had friends here; he has a history of staying in contact with his family and friends; and there’s been nothing on his cellphone record since he was reported missing.”

Twenty law officers on Wednesday continued their door-to-door visits and inspection of buildings that began Tuesday with the hope of finding someone with information who can help solve the mystery of Dylan’s disappearance.

The task force has officers from the Sheriff’s Office, Durango Police Department, FBI, Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the Bayfield Marshal’s Office.

A telephone tip line has been set up: 382-7511.

“The task force is gathering any form of information,” Bender said. “The information may not be applicable now, but could be in the future.”

Specifically, investigators would like to talk to anyone who was taking photos or shooting videos that show vehicles along the typical routes between Vallecito and Durango from 6 p.m. Nov. 18 to noon Nov. 19. That would include County Road 501 and Florida Road (County Road 240).

Anyone who can supply a copy of his or her photos or videos is asked to call the La Plata County dispatch center at 385-2900.

Three canine units belonging to La Plata Search and Rescue returned Wednesday to Vallecito to explore areas adjacent to the reservoir but not along the shore, Bender said.

A dive team from the New Mexico State Police used cadaver dogs, sonar and divers last weekend to explore an area near the reservoir dam that the dogs had signaled as being “hot.” Nothing unusual was found.

Bender said cadaver dogs don’t have to pass over every square foot of reservoir surface. The scents they are trained to detect emerge from the water, like smoke from a chimney, and dissipate, Bender said.

Dog handlers work into the wind to give the dogs the best opportunity to sniff out scents.

The story has received national attention and was featured on Nancy Grace’s show Wednesday night on CNN’s Headline News network.

Dylan was visiting his father, Mark Redwine, under court order during the Thanksgiving holiday. The parents divorced in 2007. Elaine Redwine moved with Dylan and his brother, Cory, 21, to Colorado Springs.

Mark Redwine alerted law enforcement about Dylan’s absence just before 6 p.m. Nov. 19, Bender said.

Mark Redwine made his first public appearance Tuesday night at a vigil in Bayfield. But when reached at his Vallecito home Wednesday morning, Redwine declined any possibility of more comment, saying he wanted the attention to stay on his son, not him. He declined to be formally interviewed.

He said a million things were running through his head about what could have happened to his son. He said he doesn’t think Dylan ran away.

He has nothing and no one to run away from, Mark Redwine said.

He said he will continue to stay in his house, saying he thought that was what would be best for Dylan. Mark Redwine’s brother also is staying with him.

Mark Redwine said Dylan had made tentative plans to meet friends at 6:30 a.m. Monday morning, but “nothing was etched in stone.” Bender said Dylan didn’t contact the friends then.

Mark Redwine said he had questioned why the 13-year-old would want to wake up that early in the morning.

Ryan Nava, 13, a friend of Dylan’s said in an interview Saturday with The Durango Herald that Dylan originally was going to Bayfield to visit his friends Sunday night but then changed that to meet them early Monday morning.

Mark Redwine said he was going to give Dylan a ride to his friends’ house and tried to wake him up when he left Monday morning but said Dylan was “out like a light.”

The father said he had to go to Durango that morning to run errands and speak to his divorce lawyer.

The Vallecito area was quiet Wednesday morning with people walking their dogs and opening stores for the day, evidence that life goes on for the residents as authorities continue their investigation.

Authorities redirected the search for Dylan on Tuesday, and went door-to-door canvassing the neighborhoods after they used divers and sonar equipment to search Vallecito Reservoir.

About 150 people attended the vigil for Dylan on Tuesday night in Bayfield. Residents say they are still hoping he will return safely home.

“I want my gut to tell me that he’s still hiding out there, but my gut is telling me something more is going on,” said Vallecito resident Richard Scarbeary on Wednesday morning.

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