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Area reservoirs searched again

By Shane Benjamin Herald staff writer

VALLECITO – Authorities again searched Vallecito Reservoir and flew a helicopter over five reservoirs Tuesday in search of 13-year-old Dylan Redwine.

The searches failed to produce any new leads, said Dan Bender, spokesman for the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office.

“We’re just trying to be as thorough as we can be,” he said.

In an interview Tuesday, Dylan’s mother, Elaine Redwine, pleaded for anyone with information to come forward.

“Somebody knows where he is,” she said. “Somebody bring some information forward so we can find him. It’s been far too long, and he needs to come home.”

Authorities also released an updated description of the clothing Dylan may have been wearing Nov. 19 when he was reported missing.

The clothing description included:

A black short-sleeved T-shirt with large gray letters that read “DC.”

Black basketball shorts with a light-colored stripes on the sides.

Black Jordan shoes with a white tongue and possibly white laces.

A blue baseball cap with a blue bill, white front panel and blue letters that read “Duke Blue Devils.”

They are the same clothes Dylan was wearing Nov. 18 when he landed at the Durango-La Plata County Airport, Bender said. Investigators reviewed surveillance footage from the airport and the Durango Walmart to piece together the new clothing description, he said.

Dylan arrived as part of a court order to visit his father, Mark Redwine, during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Mark Redwine and Elaine Redwine divorced in 2007, and Elaine Redwine moved last summer to Colorado Springs with Dylan and his older brother, Cory.

Dylan texted his mother Nov. 18 to notify her of his arrival at the airport, but the text ended with an emoticon that is interpreted as a scowl, she said.

Dylan was looking forward to meeting up with old friends, she said Tuesday, but he wasn’t looking forward to spending long days in his father’s cabin in Vallecito, a remote wilderness area 20 miles northeast of Durango.

“It was something that he needed to do, and he was excited to see his friends and hang out with his friends,” Elaine Redwine said. “He did have to come, but he was OK with it.”

Investigators also have reviewed surveillance footage that shows Dylan in Walmart on the night of Nov. 18, the day he arrived, Bender said. He was unsure what was purchased.

Three boats equipped with sonar searched areas of Vallecito Reservoir that haven’t previously been searched, he said.

“We have no new tips that have sent us back to the lake, but we’re checking in case changes in water and lake conditions could have resulted in any changes from last week,” Bender said in a release.

A helicopter from the San Juan County, N.M., Sheriff’s Office searched Vallecito, Lemon, Haviland, Electra and Nighthorse reservoirs, he said. From the air, authorities were able to search the surface, shallow areas and shorelines of the reservoirs, he said.

“These new searches are not based on any new tips, either,” he said. “We are just trying to be as thorough as possible and look as many places as we can for Dylan.”

Investigators have received numerous tips and possible sightings from across the country, Bender said. Each tip or sighting was documented on a piece of paper in a stack that measured 2 inches thick Tuesday morning, he said.

During an interview Monday night on CNN-affiliated Headline News, Elaine Redwine said she took a polygraph test and passed. She gave mixed responses when asked if Mark Redwine also took a polygraph test. At first, she seemed unsure if he took one, then she said, “I don’t think he failed,” followed by, “I think it was inconclusive.”

She was unsure if he’s being asked to take a second polygraph test.

Mark Redwine did not return a phone call Tuesday seeking comment.

Bender declined to be specific about the polygraph tests that have been administered.

“Polygraphs have been a part of our investigation,” he said. “We’re not releasing any details on who was polygraphed or what the results may or may not have indicated.”

Family and friends described Dylan as mild-mannered, not too loud and not too quiet.

“He was happy sitting at home on the couch wrapped in a blanket playing video games with mom in the kitchen,” said Denise Hess, a family friend who is passing out fliers, collecting donations and organizing searches from her store, Plaza Video, in Bayfield.

Tuesday marked the 15th day of Dylan’s disappearance. Elaine Redwine expressed frustration: “I feel like we haven’t gotten closer to finding him,” she said. “He’s just an awesome kid. As Nancy Grace said, ‘He’s scrubbed in sunshine.’ After she said that, I couldn’t get that out of my head.”


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