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All the single ladies – Hands up!

JERRY McBRIDE/Durango Herald

John Gutierrez, co-owner of Beto’s Fast Mexican Food in Durango, says he’s excited about being part of the bachelor auction Saturday at the Wild Horse Saloon to benefit Project Merry Christmas.

By Chase Olivarius-Mcallister Herald staff writer

Although the 13th Amendment declares slavery unconstitutional, on Saturday at the Wild Horse Saloon, nearly 40 men will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Lyn D’Andrea, owner of The Hair After, which is sponsoring the event, said this is not a renaissance of slavery, rather, it’s a charity event, in which buyers win bachelors (minimum price is $25), with the proceeds going to Project Merry Christmas to help La Plata County’s needy families.

D’Andrea says the merchandise is a bargain.

“These men: None have girlfriends, and they’re all great looking, between 21 and 54 years old. They’re firemen, policemen, oil and gas men, and restaurant and bar owners. We handpicked them through the salon and friends – nice guys who make good money. It’s a cornucopia of men,” she said.

There’s no cover charge from 5 to 8 p.m. and food (donated by Kassidy’s Kitchen) will be served free.

To even the playing field, D’Andrea is insisting that all the men wear jeans and comfortable shoes, though one bachelor offered to wear his “tear-away stripper pants.”

“And I’ve told single guys to come, too. They’re like, ‘I’m not going to bid on a dude,’ and I tell them it’s going to be a room full of single women – like shooting fish in a barrel.”

Efforts have been made to clarify that buying a bachelor does not mean bedding him: The men’s only obligation is to be a gentleman, converse with them afterwards and fetch their drinks, D’Andrea said.

“Women have to understand, this is all for children, just a way to raise money. But I hope a lot of people hook up afterwards,” she said.

Keith Baysinger, a business owner who will be up for sale tomorrow, said his virtue couldn’t be purchased, even for lofty sums.

“I’ve discussed this with Lyn, and there isn’t going to be any sex involved,” he said.

Durango Police Department’s Lt. Ray Shupe said that while “human trafficking is illegal,” he didn’t think there was anything legally suspect about the auction.

“If people are volunteering to do this for charity, there’s no expectation of sexual relations and they’re just talking about a casual date, how is that a violation of the law?” he asked.

D’Andrea said she hoped the event would be standing-room only.

“These guys are the best – I know, because we cut their hair. And it’s all for the children,” she said.


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