County clerk conducted election flawlessly

This is a letter of recognition and gratitude for La Plata County Clerk Tiffany Parker.

I had the privilege of watching Tiffany oversee the November election on several occasions from voter registration and poll watching to provisional ballot counting. Tiffany, her full-time staff and the part-time election judges (300 in total) I encountered were helpful, welcoming, and immediately and cheerfully willing to explain procedures and answer questions.

When asked how a church youth group could help with elections, Tiffany suggested they come to her office for a field trip. Amid the flood of activity at the early voting center and the mail-in ballot warehouse, she patiently spent time showing us the intricacies of individual ballot scrutiny, counting, storage and unusual voting stories. How better to grow responsible future voters?

The foundation for Tiffany’s work involves constant learning and interaction with her clerk colleagues and legislators. She told me there were 44 new laws on the books within the last year, all of which require her full understanding and plans to implement.

All this intense work is only one of the areas our clerk oversees – others include elections, motor vehicle registration and renewal, marriage licensing and recording for real estate, commercial code filings, federal tax liens, military discharges and other vital records.

At every stage of the election, Tiffany’s sense of urgency, timing, accuracy, professionalism and open-door encouragement were refreshing and beyond the call of duty.

Tiffany and her staff deserve our thanks for protecting our rights as voters as she handled each of our ballots with respect and accuracy.

Kathleen Adams


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