How low can the Animas River go?

If you read the story in Friday’s Durango Herald about the Animas River, you know the flow of the Animas in November was low (the lowest total November flow on record). But here is a little more data to illustrate how low:

The flow, given in acre-feet, was the total amount of water that flowed past the Durango gauging station in 30 days. The amount was 9,209 acre-feet, the lowest total in 102 years.

The rate of flow, which is measured in cubic feet per second and reflects the amount of water passing by a fixed point every second, wasn’t great, either. It varied from a minimum of 133 cfs to a maximum of 176 cfs.

To explore more data on river flow, go to the U.S. Geological Survey database available at:

The second-lowest total flow in the Animas River at Durango during November was in 1934 when 9,374 acre-feet was recorded.

Other area rivers, notably the Dolores and the La Plata, also recorded very low total flows in November.

Herald Staff