‘Screamin’ deal not much help for locals

I laughed pretty hard when I read “Screamin’ ski deal?” (Talk about town, Herald, Dec. 7). Durango Mountain Resort might have been rated the “top value ski spot in North America,” but that sure isn’t true for locals.

Let’s see, if one is a “local,” that usually means that person lives here, so the lodging deal is irrelevant; If one is a “local,” then most likely that person owns at least one pair of skis, boots and poles; and the “fine dining” usually takes place at home or out of a paper bag. And all a real local has to do is take a look at the price of a daily or half-day ticket to know that it’s not such a “screamin’” deal at all for “locals.”

Now, if somebody is flying up from Texas to ski, then I guess it is “top value” for them. But for real local people, it’s no screamin’ deal at all. This is one “local” who just feels that Old Purgy is just not worth it anymore.

Bill Hartford