Elect new tribal leadership, conduct audit

A lot of tribal members have been complaining about how the Southern Ute Tribal Council has not improved on operations of tribal business.

Here’s your chance to see if new blood on the council can improve the operations of the tribe.

Read what Delbert Cuthair Jr., and Adam Red has put into the Southern Ute Drum about what is going on with the tribe growth fund, permanent fund and other departments. Both seem to have a fair knowledge of what is going on with poor management of tribal operations. Get away from voting for family members as has been done in the past. Think about the future of the tribe and our children when voting. We need new direction on the council, growth fund, permanent fund, and other operations of tribal departments.

Let’s give both of them a chance to see if they can improve what is going on with the tribal operations. Howard Richards Sr., and Alex Cloud both have had a chance to improve the council but have not – only promises made with no action.

We badly need a forensic audit by qualified forensic auditors who know what they are doing – not by auditors selected by the growth fund, permanent fund and other auditors who do not know how to audit tribal business. I’ve seen these auditors “still wet behind the ears” who do not know how to audit federal monies, tribal monies and only listen to the directors to advise them how to do it. This is not a true audit. I have been calling for a forensic audit and this forensic audit only is done to see if any fraud, mishandling of tribal property, etc., has occurred. That audit would include our attorneys.

Dr. James Jefferson


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