Keep an open mind about new artwork

Controversial artwork is in communities in every country around the world. Even right here in our backyard – from street art to murals and everything in between. Most artwork will not appeal to everyone, but that is why art is art, and that is what most people love about it.

There have been a lot of controversial artists in history. Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali are well-known artists, but many people probably don’t know that they were considered controversial. Both artists were ahead of their time and pushed people’s ideals of what “good” art really is. If they had been stopped or exiled, we would not have Cubism or Surrealism. Keep that in mind next time you see a piece of artwork you might not like, for it could be the next big thing or even change the world.

Keep an open mind and support local artists, for one day you might be able to say you have an original. Remember that someone put his or her heart and soul into that piece you might not like, and how would you feel if someone defaced it or publicly put it down? If you don’t like someone’s work, that is fine, but there are people out there who might love it. Just remember to keep your heart and mind open to new things – this world could use less hate and more love.

Amy M. Tanner


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