Bachelors, bidders help spread Christmas cheer with donations

Durango’s women made it rain at Saturday’s bachelor’s auction at the Wild Horse Saloon, which raised $2,430.50 for needy La Plata County children. Auction organizer Lyn D’Andrea, owner of The Hair After salon, cut a check to Project Merry Christmas as fast as she could.

In all, 27 bachelors were auctioned. The auction’s hottest commodity was Scott Soles, chairman of La Plata County Emergency Medical Services Council, who fetched $300.

The event was standing-room only, and the Wild Horse reached maximum capacity.

D’Andrea, who on Monday was in her salon giving a haircut, said so many women were bidding that organizers ran out of paddles. (They had about 50.) Bachelors and bidders “were still there, dancing, when I left at 9:30,” she said.

After D’Andrea finished talking about the auction’s success, her newly sheered customer decided to donate $5,000 to Project Merry Christmas.

Later, D’Andrea said her client’s generosity was spectacular. “I would have had him be one of the bachelors, but he only comes in every couple of months, so he missed his mark.”

Herald Staff