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Durango diamond dealer to close

JERRY McBRIDE/Durango Herald

Bobby Estes, owner of Taylor Raymond Jewelers, says he wants to take a “timeout” to focus on his health and is closing the iconic Durango jewelry store.

By Jordyn Dahl Herald staff writer

After almost 100 years of business, Taylor-Raymond Jewelers is liquidating its inventory and shutting its doors.

The jewelry store has been in Bobby Estes’ family since his parents first bought it in 1991. The store was owned by a variety of owners before, but the Estes family has expanded the store and created a reputation for quality, high-end jewelry.

The store stayed afloat during the Great Recession and is doing well, but Estes said it’s time for a “timeout” and to focus on his health.

“We were doing great. Honestly, this sale isn’t all based on the economy,” he said. “I have some health issues that I need to take care of ... and I have a staff that needs a long vacation.”

The store had about a 20-percent decrease in the amount customers were willing to spend on jewelry during the recession.

Estes, 50, said he has been toying with the idea of liquidating, but he reached a firm decision last February. He has received some offers from entrepreneurs interested in buying the name and the store, but he now is focused on liquidating the inventory and won’t consider selling until next month.

Everything in the store is on sale, and some items are marked up to 70 percent off.

Estes hopes to have all the jewelry gone by the end of January. His lease is up Feb. 1 at the store located in the Main Mall, 835 Main Ave.

The third-generation jeweler is taking a timeout for now, but he says he’s not done with the industry and that is where his heart is.

He’s heard multiple offers at jewelry shows around the world, but for now, he’s focused on his health and enjoying life.

“I’m going to have fun and put a new plan together. We’re definitely staying here (in Durango),” he said. “My wife and I haven’t been on vacation for a while. I can definitely see Mexico and Italy in the picture.”


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