Tying parking pass to vehicle nonsensical

It has come to my attention that there may be a new policy afoot with respect to the monthly parking passes – specifically, that the pass will be assigned to a specific vehicle.

I am a merchant in town and a resident. I drive to work and have been doing “the right thing” for some years in purchasing a parking pass. This not only saves me money but frees precious parking spots downtown.

There are times when I must take my pickup rather than my sedan. Any number of scenarios necessitate this: My sedan is in the shop; the larger vehicle is required for business; either before or after work, the larger vehicle is needed for personal business.

As I see it, we purchase one pass for one space, and it should not matter which vehicle occupies that space. If the city plans to be as sophisticated as to track the pass number to a specific vehicle, it should be able to track that pass to an owner with multiple vehicles.

Honestly, I fail to see the rationality of the proposed policy change. Those of us who take advantage of the parking pass plan should not be penalized for placing a different vehicle in the spot registered to us.

Jim Callahan


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