‘Wreck-It Ralph’ director feeling like Pac-Man

You know when Pac-Man is on a video game roll? That’s how “Wreck-It Ralph” director Rich Moore felt after his film received a best animated film Golden Globe nomination Thursday morning.

“If I were Pac-Man, this is like the moment you’ve taken the power pill and you’re chasing blue ghosts,” said Moore, describing the bonus round in the iconic video game. “Everything is going your way. You can eat everything. It just feels good.”

For Moore, it’s his first trip to the Golden Globes after watching the awards show for years.

“It’s surreal. I have never been before,” Moore said. “To think the Golden Globes is this thing I’ve seen for years, and I’m going to be there. I thought ‘time to rent a tux.’ And is it a vest, or a cummerbund that people wear these days?”

“Ralph,” which tells the story of a video-game baddie who yearns to be a hero, was not only a box office hit but also a critical darling. Now it is getting serious awards attention.

“I’m going to get a swollen head. But that could be the mimosas,” said Moore, who actually had a “celebratory cup of coffee and waffle” Thursday.

“I’m lucky, all of these things say to me that I’m doing my job,” he said of the film’s success.

Moore said he’s looking forward to heading into Disney Animation in Burbank to share the award nomination with the other people who worked on the film.

“I cannot wait to get into work to celebrate with everyone there,” he said.

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