Health-care reform site offers answers

I just wanted to take a moment to get some business owners informed on the new Affordable Care Act. People seem to be missing key English words in this policy, which are “provide” and “offer” – not “pay.” Employers are not obligated to pay for employees’ insurance, just to make it available. There is a great website to answer a lot of questions. It is the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, There, you can find what the employer responsibilities are with health reform.

Most businesses have insurance available for employees to purchase through employer-sponsored group plans already. It just asks for all businesses to continue doing that and businesses that don’t yet, to get it set up for employees instead of them having go into individual plans because group plans are usually cheaper. The site states that the percentage of insurance is not to cost more than 9.5 percent of employees income and if it does, the government will reimburse whoever picks up the rest, whether it is employers that contribute to insurance or employees. Some employers do pay into some employees’ insurance right now. Maybe employers contribute $50 or a percentage. Now, employers can be reimbursed for that amount.

This site also says that the first 30 employees after 50 will be immune from penalty if their employer chooses not to provide insurance, and that two part-time workers equal one full-time worker. Look it up. Get informed.

Jerri Uhl