Christmas is a time for giving – volunteer

I am 17 years old and addressing this to the young adults in Durango. Many families have traditions during the Christmas holidays that they have carried on year after year. To many people, the definition of Christmas is decorating the Christmas tree, listening to holiday music, cooking meals together and receiving gifts. All of these things bring wonderful memories of love, laughter and fun to our minds, and nothing seems to be missing. Except, there are many things that go unnoticed and unaddressed during the holidays.

As small as Durango may seem and no matter how many people you may know, you have friends and family who are struggling financially. A lot of these families and individuals donít want people to know about their difficulties. There are numerous nonprofit organizations in Durango where families and individuals can go for assistance. The people who manage these organizations need volunteers who are willing to step up and make a difference.

As we high school students mature into adulthood, we have permits, driverís licenses, friends to impress and images to uphold. These are all incredibly important, and may be distracting year-round, but during the holidays they should be put on hold to focus on others.

The holidays are a time for giving as well as receiving. I guarantee that despite what you think, you will not be looked down upon for doing something for others. Any type of volunteering or donations to any organization is highly appreciated.

No matter where you were raised, what ethnicity you are or beliefs you have, you can walk into a local church or nonprofit organization and receive information on how you can help other people. Volunteering may give your Christmas a new meaning.

Claire Albright