Rescue authority receives pet oxygen masks

Durango Fire & Rescue Authority has received 10 pet oxygen masks that can be used to help deliver oxygen and administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation to dogs, cats and other companions.

The masks, which come in different sizes to fit different animals, were donated by the Emma Zen Foundation, a nonprofit focused on pet safety.

The rescue authority has not yet trained medics and firefighters about how to use the masks, but it is something the department is considering, said EMS Chief Scott Sholes.

Its all a brand-new thing and a brand-new project for us, he said. Were really just looking into if this is something that is feasible.

The masks, which come with a training video, can be more effective than using a human-specific oxygen mask, according to a news release from the nonprofit.

The Emma Zen Foundation reports that 100,000 homes are destroyed each year by fire and that 40,000 family pets are killed. The leading cause of fire death is asphyxiation.

The Emma Zen Foundation has distributed more than 350 kits in Colorado.

Herald Staff

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