Guns aside, the real issue is good vs. evil

Once upon a time, as the story goes, there were two people in paradise who chose evil over good, and they spawned two children, one of whom slew the other. There were no guns then, there was just good and evil.

The point of my fable is that guns are not the real issue. Much has been made about mass-murder statistics in other countries, concluding that per capita violence is much higher in the U.S., gun control laws aside. Cultural differences are surely a factor because these include societal spiritual and individual values, family cohesiveness, attitudes about how we view others and handle our own stresses, even the availability of and emphasis on activities i.e., video games vs. singing in a music group.

Surely, in this country, our emphasis on the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness for every individual seems to grant every one the right to achieve these to his benefit and by his own definition in his own way without considering the rights of others to the same.

We as individuals have the responsibility every single moment of our lives to choose between good and evil, perhaps with the Ten Commandments as the gold standard, to be vigilant in promoting good over evil in our children and compatriots and in protecting ourselves against the evil choices of others.

Katherine A. Reynolds


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