NRA’s armed guard plan is short-sighted

I think Wayne LaPierre’s suggestion for the control of mass murder is a bit short-sighted. To quote LaPierre, “Guns and police officers in all American schools are what’s needed to stop the next killer.” This might possibly be a deterrent to a prospective killer – unless the first person he shoots is the armed guard.

I assume that by “all American schools,” La Pierre means all of the pre-schools, all of the kindergartens, all of the elementary schools, all of the middle schools, all of the high schools, all of the university/college buildings and all of the community college buildings. I wonder where the money will come from to hire all those people? I know: from the excess profits of the gun manufacturers. But LaPierre’s plan is short-sighted. What about all of the malls? What about all of the movie theaters? What about all the airports? What about all sporting events? What about City Hall? What about federal buildings? There’s a long list of places that deserve protection, as LaPierre advocates.

Or as an alternative, have everybody packing. We certainly don’t want to lose first place in the worldwide violence contest.

Joel Fleming