City manager is overpaid and overspends

Concerning Ron LeBlancís recent pay raise: Are they joking? The median income for a family in La Plata County is less than $45,000. Is LeBlancís position that important that he deserves more than four times what the average Durango family earns? One third of what the president of the United States earns?

Doug Lyon proclaimed that hiring Le-Blanc was the best thing he has done since taking office. Really? He should be embarrassed to look any of us in the eyes. Among LeBlancís more notable fiscal achievements: $50,000 to the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, after which he claimed to have gotten bad information therefore absolving himself of responsibility, and then $37,000 to a consultant to tell the city how to do organic lawn care. If I am not mistaken, this information is readily available from, I donít know, maybe Google?

I, for one, am sick of the city managerís spending taxpayer dollars like a drunken sailor with a winning lottery ticket.

In these times of financial hardship for the rest of the country, it is shameful that we pay an administrative position a bloated salary like this. As well, I would bet my meager savings that we could find a highly suitable candidate to do LeBlancís job for half of what we are paying him.

Tom Eskew