Parenthood trumps revelry on New Year’s Eve

Itís a kid year for me this New Yearís.

Sharing a child with an ex-spouse means diplomatically alternating between who gets the kid on holidays. I know a lot of single parents are often unable to work out such a rational schedule because of selfish, as well as legitimate and sane, reasons, but my kidís mom and I make it work.

So instead of yukking it up with the amateurs Monday night, Iíll most likely stroll Main Avenue early, light off some bottle rockets around 10 p.m. and watch my daughter try to make it to midnight. Recent events have made me want to spend even more time with her, so this is not a bad thing at all. And this year, she may even outlast me to the stroke of midnight and the South Sideís illegal fireworks show that lights up every block on our side of town.

Personally, I had a great year. I worked too much, didnít travel nearly enough, saw some music and did what I could to raise a 9-year-old in a questionable world that is as much tragic as it is glorious. But Iím not here to be a critic of the decline of society. Iíd rather write about Monday. After a quiet Christmas week, there is plenty do to ring out 2012 and welcome the New Year. I imagine all of these events will feature standard New Yearís Eve fare; hats, noise-makers and the requisite champagne toast at midnight.

Waiting on Trial will once again hold it down on Carver Brewing Co.; theyíll scale it back to a trio because bass player Ryan Zernis moved to somewhere in the middle of the state. Guitarist Ryan Doty will be on the bass, Robin Davis will fill the guitar role and Chris Lane will play banjo.

The Henry Strater Theatre will host a three-band bill of Hello Dollface, Robby Overfield and the Breaks and Bacon. Hello Dollface and Overfield have all gotten plenty of well-deserved ink in this column, as theyíve been hitting it hard on the performance front. Bacon is the band Iím most interested in catching soon. Born out of the Jazz Church sessions held every Sunday at Moeís, this funk band features Spencer Church on bass, Mark Shriver on keyboards, Brian Stonebach on saxophone, Alicia Whiteman on saxophone and vocals, Alex Morrow on drums, Chris Ross on trumpet and Travis Dalenberg on guitar. Theyíll also play the Summit tonight.

On Monday the Summit will feature DJs Peter Robot and Treazon and their armful of mixers and computers.

Silverton, too, remains an annual destination for Durango folk, with two local bands making the cold trek north for shows at the Grand Imperial and the always wonderful Miners Tavern. The former venue will feature Durango roots-rock-jam band Jack Ten High, while the Miners will feature Aftergrass, playing one of their only shows of the year, save for a set heard back at Halloween.

Iíll look toward 2013 with high hopes; I know Iíll continue to work too much, and Iíll go out of my way to continue to search for laughter and hilarity in my life and with my family and loved ones. Happy New Year, friends.

Bryant Liggett is a freelance writer and KDUR station manager. Reach him at