Routine helps to keep resolutions

Itís a new year and you know what youíre going to do Ė finally lose that last 10 pounds, eat better and hit the gym.

Before you go, Elaine Youngs, owner of the gym The Vault, recommends how to best fulfill your resolution. First, pick a time of day that works for you to work out and stick with it. Routine, she says, is good for people.

Have a snack before you go, preferably one including protein, but not a full meal. Itís not good to be hungry before exercising, but itís no better to be full.

Bring a pint bottle of water with you and refill it, if need be. Itís important to be hydrated at any time in Durangoís dry climate, but itís especially important when you work out.

In case youíre wondering, coffee is fine before working out.

And should the first days of your routine leave you sore and fatigued, Youngs says get out and move anyway Ė nothing too strenuous, a short stroll or stretching Ė just enough to burn off the lactic acid.

As for electrolyte drinks, most of the commercial brands are full of sugar. Health care professionals often advise drinking water with a slice of lemon or lime.

The most important thing is renewing your commitment to good health.

ďIf you can make the change to your lifestyle, make exercise a priority, thatís always a good thing,Ē Youngs said.