Stop weapons sellers to curtail violence

I googled “U.S. arms manufacturers” a moment ago and discovered more than 110 different factories throughout the United States. When I looked up “international arms trade” I discovered that the U.S. is the world’s premier purveyor of guns, ammo, explosives and war matériel. The U.S. exports billions of dollars worth of matériel all over the world every year, most recently to Africa and South America.

This country imports tens of millions of dollars worth of European weapons each year, primarily from the firms of Fabrique Nationale of Belgium and Beretta of Italy. Heckler & Koch, Taurus and others throughout Western Europe make up the rest of the imports.

Apparently, weapons are big business in this country. Big business, I’ve noticed, controls politicians, who offer condolences when people are murdered, but they can hardly shut down weapons manufacture and trade. Alas, lobbyists, machinists and Third World commandos alike would be unemployed.

The murders will not stop, America. The politicians will not protect you. If you want the killings to stop, for heaven’s sake you’ll have to stop them yourselves. Shut down the gun factories, the gun shows, the retail outlets and the pawn shops. Blockade them, boycott them. The politicians are hypocrites and the police are impotent.

Michael Swinderman