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JERRY McBRIDE/Durango Herald

Clockwise from front left, Noah Leggett, Helios Wilson Levick, Alethea Hecker and Dakotah Andreatta plan for Saturday’s “Oscillating Dream Cannon” group art show at the Lost Dog Bar & Lounge.

By Ted Holteen Herald staff writer

Call it youthful optimism, but there are still those who believe in art for art’s sake.

That said, the “members” of the Society of Creative Enthusiasts who will put on Saturday’s “Oscillating Dream Cannon” at the Lost Dog Bar & Lounge will not turn away material reward for their work from the art community.

“This is a chance to show the community what these artists are about and for them to hopefully support the artists,” said Dakotah Andreatta, who is one of the artists of which he speaks.

The Society has existed locally for several years, having once occupied the ARTiculation space on East Second Avenue, which spawned the Dawdle art shows and the Ground Up Arts Collective.

It’s mostly a group of 20-somethings – the organizers are graduates of Durango’s Excel Charter School – who have drawn together since their adolescent days.

Noah Leggett has done much of the legwork to wrangle 13 artists for the show, which also will include live music by as many as five local acts.

Much of the artwork will be on display, but just as much will likely be made on the spot through live art demonstrations.

Leggett said he hopes that kind of exposed creativity will build a connection between the artists and patrons.

“My friends are amazing artists who work ... jobs,” Leggett said. “This is like a local level Kickstarter where people can see what projects these artists are working on and create some cross-pollination.”

Kickstarter is a worldwide online platform for funding of creative projects.

“The philosophy behind this show is to curate a situation in which artists and community members engage in a cross-cultural discussion of the true value of art in our lives,” Leggett said.“We also just want to have fun.”

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