New Year brought hope for better times in 1895

New Year’s Day in 1895 (Tuesday) heralded the third year of the worst depression Durango and the United States had witnessed in their history. It seemed only to be getting worse, with few bright spots the Durango Daily Herald could find. But the newspaper and Durangoans did not stop trying to see positive trends on the horizon.

Jan. 1, 1895

Durango sends greeting to all mankind. The year 1894 with all its troubles and disappointments has passed ... We look forward with renewed energy. The results are encouraging for still great efforts.

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A Happy and Prosperous New Year to All! The Graden Mercantile Co.

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Coal production for La Plata County for 1894 will post up over 180,000 tons. The production of coal has gone on from day to day the past year with scarcely an interruption.

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Durango expected to boom during the past year but as compared with last six months of 1893, the comparison of business and general activity show a decided improvement.

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Smelter Production (Durango was the regions smelter center) The San Juan (smelter]) makes a fine showing for the year while the Standard [smelter] sees an increase.

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The smelting of ore is a bright item in Durango’s favor and that she is destined to be one of the chief smelting pins in the United States is certain.

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The street cars are missed these days but the inconvenience cannot be helped as the special dynamo which runs the cars burned out and had to be sent to Denver for “wiring.”

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Tulius Pearce came in from Denver last evening. He is here in the interest of the Gamewell Telegraph system.

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In the La Plata mountains prospecting for gold has been pursed for the past twenty years. The most gratifying result of the last year’s exploration is the great contract ore measures.

Jan. 3, 1895

It is now anticipated that even when the income tax is collected there will be a deficit in the government revenues. Things are getting no better very fast.

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Durango has added to the world the product of the mines in the vicinity more than half a million dollars in gold. In this age of gold, the fact is gratifying.

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New Year’s resolutions should be kept at least a week.

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The Y.M.C.A. will have more friends in the future. The New Year’s reception was a happy idea.

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Reduced rates at the Durango opera house. 50 centers for reserved seats 35 cents for next grade and 25 cents for children.

Duane Smith is a Fort Lewis College history professor. Reach him at 247-2589.

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