Bring U.S. gun laws into the 21st century

I will preface this letter by saying I am a gun owner. I own weapons legal for hunting. I want to quote some statistics regarding guns and gun ownership.

The United States is No. 1 in gun ownership per capita among developed countries. There is no country even close to the U.S. having 88.8 firearms for every 100 people. Fourth is Germany with 30 for every 100 people. In the United States, there were more than 31,000 deaths in 2010 caused by firearms. This would include suicides, murders and accidental shootings. And 10,225 of these were murders. Germany had 158 firearm deaths. The United Kingdom had 18. Japan had 11.

If these statistics donít scare us, then there is something drastically wrong. Jamie Halls (Letters, Herald, Dec. 31) makes ludicrous analogies comparing gun control to fertilizer control, box cutters, knives, etc., saying maybe they need controlled also. Well restrictions were put on fertilizer after the Oklahoma City bombing. I fail to see the comparison between a box cutter and a high capacity semi-auto rifle. I donít know of any mass murders committed with a knife.

The Second Amendment was written when guns were muzzle loaded restricting a person to one shot per minute maximum, not for you or I to own military style weapons with magazines holding 30 or 50 rounds.

Itís past time to begin a serious look at guns and gun ownership in this country. I donít think we are less civilized than other developed countries, but we sure kill more.

As Ben Franklin said:ĒAnyone who will trade freedom for security deserves neither.Ē

I agree that freedoms in this country should be protected; the statistics show that personal security is greatly hampered by lenient gun laws. We are no longer living in the 18th or 19th century, maybe it is time to adjust our laws to the 21st century.

Frank Klein