Someone must know Dylan’s whereabouts

It has to be one of a parent’s, a grandparent’s, a family’s and a community’s worst nightmares to have one of their own – a child – go missing. To feel it wasn’t voluntary, to have the uncertainty, to imagine the unthinkable, to offer rewards, to amass professionals and volunteers alike in the search, and to use every location device and means available all to no avail is frustrating, devastating and absolutely heart-wrenching.

By all accounts, Dylan Redwine was last seen in the early morning hours of Nov. 19. As of Dec. 31, that makes it 43 days and counting. That’s a Thanksgiving feast and a Christmas celebration, a couple of winter snows and many nights and days of freezing temperatures ago.

Surely, someone, somewhere, saw something. Surely, someone knows. They should come forward and help find Dylan.

Dennis A. Berkey