City can improve new recycling program

I am pleased to see the city of Durango is finally serious about recycling, with its new single-stream system.

When the new bins are delivered, the city should also include a placard describing acceptable items that can be recycled in the bin.

Because we will no longer have the convenience of curb-side glass recycling, I surmise it will be inevitable more glass will be tossed in the landfill trash container. If the city were to add a few more strategically placed recycling drop off points, even more recycling would be encouraged, e.g. East Eighth Avenue near Sonic, Roosa Drive at El Paso Street (away from the river), and South Durango near Walmart.

Another item for consideration by the city: Empty food and drink containers emit odor.

Residents of Florida Road and west-side Durango residents should receive recycling bins that are bear-proof. Any additional costs incurred should be billed to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Rob Rietveld