Look at causes of violence, not the firearms

First off, to make it clear, the current push for new gun laws has not a single thing to do with safety of the public in any way. The push is to control the “unwashed” masses.

To prove this point, take the time to look at what occurred during prohibition during the 1920s. Liquor was constitutionally illegal to manufacture, possess or consume. Yet anybody who wanted liquor could buy it.

This constitutional amendment did not accomplish a single thing other than cause a lot of unnecessary deaths and injuries because of bathtub gin, and a huge rise in organized crime as the gangsters provided illegal liquor to the public.

Both sides of the issue are reporting all kinds of statistics, and as usual in a politically charged situation, the facts are spun to support each respective side of the issue.

We need to step back and look at the causes of the violence, not the “tool” used during the violence.

Tom Hover