Thanks, Democrats, for increased premiums

I read the recent editorial concerning the health-care act (Herald, Jan. 7). Many economists and analysts predicted exactly what is occurring. Many said the end result would be an increase in private insurance costs so steep that it would become unaffordable to millions more, resulting in an even further expansion of government involvement in health care.

Obama promised his signature legislation would reduce costs, period.

He didnít issue a caveat saying that the insurance companies might unnecessarily raise prices. Democrats intentionally shut out everyone else in the negotiations leading to the law. It is their law. Thus, its successes or failures are the property of Obama and his Congressional Democrat allies. Before this insurance cost increase, the Congressional Budget Office had increased cost estimates numerous times and by multiples.

The Herald cannot bring itself to criticize this president even though he is clearly wrong about the effect on affordability of this legislation.

Can the editorial staff of the Herald think of even one possible issue where perhaps the government should expand no further in the name of freedom?

In matters concerning this particular government intrusion, remember Democrats, this is your bill. When you point a finger of blame at someone else (e.g., insurance companies), three fingers are pointing back at you.

Mark Mahlum