Udall’s wind tax credit ignores national debt

I recently received an email newsletter from Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., touting his work on the wind energy Production Tax Credit extension.

At least Udall’s fellow Democrat and Colorado senator had the sense to figure out that the “cliff” bill will not address the debt and spending problem of our federal government. In fact, Udall’s extension does nothing but adds to the spending problem and worsens the debt.

Wind energy may be clean, except for the environmental damage (birds and land damage), but is an immature technology that cannot pay for itself now or in the foreseeable future. Wind energy will not be viable until there is an economic way to store and transmit the electricity it produces.

Udall should do a little research and see why Europeans are shutting down wind and solar farms.

Regarding employment, wind energy, except when being built, is not a big source of employment.

Wow. The senator garnered more than 9,000 petition signatures. That seems a rather small number to cost us so much money when the federal government is more than $16 trillion in debt.

I would like Udall to be forthcoming about all the aspects, plus and minus, of the projects he flogs. That is the job we, Colorado and U.S. voters, expect of a U.S. senator and all elected officials.

Charles Page