5 Durango businesses pay fines for selling alcohol to 18-year-old

Five local businesses paid fines rather than have their liquor licenses suspended for four to five days as a sanction for selling beer to an 18-year-old who patronized their establishments in either July or August, according to documents from the Grand Junction office of the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division.

They are the Diamond Belle Saloon, Digs Restaurant & Bar, Orio’s Roadhouse, W.J. Doyle Wine & Spirits and Zia Taqueria.

Regulators agreed to the fines because these businesses had no previous alcohol violations for the last two years. State officials also did not think that allowing the businesses to serve liquor would harm the “public welfare.”

The fines are equivalent to 20 percent of their gross alcohol revenues through four to five business days in the same month of the violation. The fines could not be less than $200 or more than $5,000.

Levies were:

The Diamond Belle Saloon, 651 Main Ave., paid a fine of $3,547.93.

Digs Restaurant & Bar, 125 Mercado St., paid a fine of $417.49.

Orio’s Roadhouse, 652 Main Ave., paid a fine of $1,370.60.

W.J. Doyle, 509 E. Eighth Ave., paid a fine of $3,030.12.

Zia Taqueria, 3101 Main Ave., paid $200.