Arming school guards may be the answer

The recent shootings at the Aurora movie theater and the school in Newtown, Conn., have caused enormous grief for the victim’s families and the nation as a whole.

Predictably, liberal politicians are rushing to pass another ineffective gun law. The National Rifle Association’s call for an armed guard to be placed at every school has been met with hoots of derision, yet that seems the only sure way to protect these innocents.

The Democrats’ mantra is that adding more guns will only lead to more shootings. They ignore the facts that criminals carry guns all the time and the insane only listen to the demonic voices in their heads. No law written will deter these crazed maniacs from violence. Americans need to face up to the facts; the only people walking around unarmed in public are “good” people. Isn’t it past time we leveled the playing field?

Suppose that in the Aurora theater that fateful night, there would have been several law-abiding citizens who were legally carrying a concealed weapon? What if there had been an armed security guard in the principal’s office when that madman Lanza broke in and started shooting? Don’t you believe there could have been an entirely different outcome? Our Founding Fathers created the Second Amendment to the Constitution to give you the right to defend yourself from harm, not to hunt ducks.

Evil will not stop because Congress passes another law outlawing it. The police cannot be everywhere, and these murderous cowards specifically target places where the police are not likely to be found.

The answer is armed citizens able to protect themselves and confront and defeat evil whenever it appears.

I have heard liberals and other idiots say you cannot stop guns with guns. Try stopping a gun-wielding felon by reading him the law. Boldly walk up to the miscreant and declare in a loud voice that what he is doing is illegal. Give Saint Peter my best regards.

Thomas Guthrie